a roving Bird will find me

Welcome back, y’all!

I hope everyone has been well, and I’ve got a variety of posts planned for you based on the past several months. There’s been serious reflection on who I am as an artist, how to forge my identity as one, and what my creative goals are at present. For how long art has been a part of my life, this journey is no where near over, and I’m both thrilled and intimidated by how much I have still ahead of me. Let me show you what I’ve got so far!

When it comes to my own identity, I tend to lock up and have absolutely no idea where to start and what to say. However, what I’ve managed to get down in a couple of free writing exercises is that my identity appears to be focused on exploration. My art depicts a realistic approach to fantastical creatures/scenery and a whimsical approach to realistic animals/landscapes; it searches for a way to better merge the elements of realism and whimsy. I want to give the impression that there’s always more waiting just beyond the edges of the painting. Additionally, I’ve long appreciated surreal aspects in art and demonstrating the cyclical nature of energy in the universe. We all – regardless of lifeform – support each other, and the death of one organism creates an opportunity for the continuation or birth of another as matter is reshaped.

Now, with that general idea of an identity in hand, I can start deciding on some recurring imagery and themes. This helps to define my identity within each drawing/painting. My go-to subjects are – and have always been – birds, which are ideal metaphors for the concept of exploration. After all, who else can see the world as a soaring bird does? (The answer is me trying to from my plane seat.) Circles and spirals are another long time favorite of mine as seen in the tattoo designed by my partner and myself.

After some back and forth between us, this was the lineart we went with. We both love penwork, so we decided not to get this one colored. …there will be time for that in the future. 😉🤫

The finished work completed by our awesome tattoo artist @iron_mike_tattoos!

Both of these shapes can be linked to the idea of a cyclical universe – encompassing unity, continuity, and change – that we mentioned earlier. As a third – and for now last – recurring aspect, we have trees and/or leaves. Not only is there the obvious connection to the natural world, but trees are often a metaphor for knowledge. Their potentially long lifespans would permit for plenty of time to learn and observe the world.

As far as my current goals, I want to continue growing my portfolio, so I have started lightly advertising commissions. I have also been looking into enamel pin creation; they’re so lovely and my inner teenager gets all excited to see the endless possibilities we have these days. (Stickers will likely come first though.) Prints are also on the horizon as I get my own paintings completed. There’s definitely lots to do!

My most recent commission prior to leaving for Denmark. I’m quite pleased with this one because it blends traditional and digital mediums together. Lineart and background were traditional; coloring and background manipulation were digitally completed.

A gift commission for a dear friend for her birthday earlier in the year. This is her new Twitch header, which you can find at: https://www.twitch.tv/kyawolfcupcakes

Thanks for hanging in there with me, and I’ll write to y’all again soon!


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