Hey, y’all!

My name is Grai Swan, and I’m a hobby artist who got her creative spark back last year.

(You can blame my spouse for that! 😆)

A fair amount of my time is dedicated to the veterinary field, and the rest is split between our critters, farm, and art. I’ve been privileged to work with a wide variety of animals over the years, and you’ll be seeing a lot of them in my paintings. My aim is to provide you with aesthetically pleasing paintings that celebrate both the whimsical and realistic. As able, I will also post walkthroughs of my more involved paintings to help you on your own artistic journey!

Artist Statement

To understand and empathize with the world around me, I create.  Animal and color symbolism allow me to tell stories, which convey my emotions about environmental and cultural topics.  The multiple eyes that many of my subjects possess represent a desire to empathize with others.  Colors play a significant role in the painting process, and I often emphasize them to match how intensely I perceive these hues in person.  To enhance that impression, I also utilize shimmer and metallic effects through copper leaf or unusual paints, such as gemstone-based watercolors, and glaze multiple colors over each other for a rich, complex appearance.  I use a semi-realistic approach to create dream-like worlds with clear nature inspirations for the stories.  I’m especially drawn towards finding beauty in the unconventional or bizarre.  While I primarily employ ink and watercolor, I may also use colored pencils, brush pens, and gel pens to accent my paintings.

I’m very thrilled to have this opportunity to share my art with you! If you have any advice, comments, or suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear them. You can contact me at SurrealVulture@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time!